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Slowdown due for all world economies

One of the major economic institutions have stated today they believe growth from all major economies is in decline and are heading for an unstoppable global economic slowdown. Some economies are showing their largest slowdown for over a decade as the trade and economic entities are feeling the pressure of the euro zone collapse.

OECD one of Frances leading economic expert firms today claimed that the economic indicators they have set in place have fallen for each of the past twelve months leaving most investors, businesses and corporations in a state of turmoil. Individual countries have seen there stats drop dramatically over the past few months with many of these countries wondering if there could ever be a full recovery. Many have begun to be disillusioned with the whole situation especially within the debt torn euro zone with many of them pondering the idea of whether the single European currency can actually survive. If the euro did cease to exist then that would be a massive failure for all involved and would bring out the critics who have said this would happen since before the single currency was put in place.

Exactly where would Britain be now if we had gone into the single currency? Many experts say the United Kingdom would be at least three times worse off if it had indeed joined in the idea of the single currency which in effect could have cost the British people thousands upon thousands of job vacancies and seen countless exporting companies go under. The OECD has implemented CLIs which give a global overview on anticipating turnarounds within economic activities and trends within a six to twelve month period. The main CLI that everyone was watching is Japans as it has consistently remained much higher than expected for the long term but has lost a touch of steam after the Tsunami and earthquake disasters.

The Chinese have kept a keen eye on their Asian counterparts as they look to improve their economic standing over their home region. With the after effects of the Japanese disasters still fresh in mind the wonder is will China see Japan as a major economic threat even though they have not fully recovered. The euro zone has seen many pitfalls within the past twelve months but with the help of America and China among other Asian countries there is still hope that the whole situation can be worked out and remedied if everyone did their jobs correctly. The people of Europe as well as others around the globe are fast losing confidence with their parliaments and economist as they are the ones being hit in the pocket for each fall in economic standing. Will the civil unrest within Europe and beyond call for major changes to be made to the financial plans of their countries as the cost of living is increasing from day to day as companies struggle to maintain growth and profits.

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If there are many more falls in share values and markets then we could see many of the worlds largest economies fall into even deeper recession which will have an adverse effect on all other areas within the region. The hope now is that these world leaders can pull together and drag us out of this nightmare of a financial slump!