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Accounting and finance degree

The accounting and finance degree offers students the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge of accounting and finance as well as a broad knowledge of the business and management world. The course duration is four years with three years spent at university followed by a year of work based learning within various types of financial institutions. The course aim is for all students to gain a broad amount of knowledge which will provide them with a great foundation for their future careers. During your time on the course you will study the most basic disciplines and methods that are involved within this exciting and extremely beneficial career prospect.

The student will also endeavor to study a number of specialized finance and accountancy modules as well as choosing a number of non core modules which they can use to focus on certain aspects of the financial world. During the first year the student will learn core modules such as Business Economics, Business Law, An Introduction to Accounting and Finance, Foundations of Marketing, Foundation of Production and Operation Management, Organizational Behavior and the Sociology of Work, Quantitative Methods in Information Management, Student Self Development and also The Macroeconomic Environment of Business.

 The second year will then follow with more advanced modules being required such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Capital Markets, Investments and Finance, Company Law and Administration, Economics of Industry, Financial Management and finally The Practice of Management Skills. In year two you will also have three optional modules to choose from out of a wide variety of topics. The compulsory modules featured in year three consist of Contemporary Issues in Accounting, Corporate Reading, International Finance, Auditing, International Accounting and also Taxation and Personal Finance. The student will also be required to participate in various tests over each year in addition to written dissertations which will be marked with the total score being tallied up towards the students final marks after they sit their final set of exams prior to the course completion date. For the successful candidate there will be a wide variety of job opportunities available on completion of the course with positions such as Accountants, Banking Managers, Business Managers or possibly Financial Advisory positions.

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