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The Latest Mobile News: – The Limits of Mobile Games

Many of the mobile games that are currently on the market are very low in scope and frequently rely on good playability rather than cutting edge flash graphics. This deficiency is really down to the lack of processor power within these devices which has always been a major problem for developers and publishers of the mainstream software. Another problem for the developers and so on is the inability to describe their games in enough detail to the consumer which increasingly forces a lack of purchasing of their product.

Many of the mobile games on the market today rely on providing a particular theme or specific story line and currently many of the mobile games which are sold through providers such as network carriers allow only a limited amount of text and possibly a screen shot or two. Developers and publishers are currently relying on two set strategies in their attempt to remedy this situation with these being these companies contact world famous brands for endorsement of their games like the well known tomb raider series. The second strategy is to keep in use the well known and established playing patterns that have been very successful in the past with Tetris as a key example. With the breakthrough of new technologies we are also seeing new innovations within the field of mobile devices and games with all new functionalities being implemented. The new functions such as 3D Graphics and the ability to play multi player games are set to revolutionize the mobile gaming world and raising even more interest from the consumer.

The ability to compete against other users has been greatly accepted and excellent feedback has been seen for this addition. The user also now sees a great benefit from these new additions as the provisions before the release of these functions were pushing the market into a bit of a dark area so these have been extremely greeted with open arms. Connection has always been an issue with the use of mobile games which are requiring an internet connection to play due to the fact that with the improvement in graphical features the bandwidth required to play the games can never be achieved unless on a wireless network. In summary there are more advantages than disadvantages regarding  the limits of mobile games as well as Mobile Casino games but with 3G technologies improving each year as well as the graphical and processing capabilities it should not be long before we see a new breed of gaming resources.

The Android operating system

The Android smart phones operating system is developed by the Google brand but the actual operating system has had input from numerous companies along the way. This combination of companies is named the Open Handset Alliance who is a consortium of mobile technologies superpowers who partly control the market. The Android is powerful and efficient smart phone and is a major leader in its class with many hailing it as the complete smart phone operating system. You can see how this software stack like OS becomes the backbone interface of the smart phone by its smooth running of applications giving the user far greater capabilities than they have had before. As well as the excellent phone being fully customizable another great benefit to users is the immense amount of applications that are available on the market.

The Android pulls no punches when it comes to performance and usability with over one hundred thousand applications you are guaranteed to have the service you need whenever you need it. The only documented problem with the Android operating system is its stupidly large amount of customizable features as many of them are excessive to say the least and I project many people will be uninspired with the use of them as it can get quite complex for some. Another key advantage with the Android is that many companies have chosen the Android OS to be the backbone of their interfaces which provides a large gain in user friendliness. The Android interface is not the slickest looking interface you will ever experience but in its untouched form it does not seem to have been noted as a major downfall of the product. The Android is extremely impressive when it comes to processing software fast and efficiently ensuring there is virtually no lag or jerkiness that can be found in many similar smart phones.

For many users the physical appearance of the Android does not seem to be a problem although we have heard from many sources that the all round feel is that the consumer is not completely satisfied with it but it forms no long term problem. In summary we can say that the Android operating system is very good and this can not be doubted although for users who would consider themselves novices will find it particularly frustrating trying to adapt to the phones countless features and chaotic interface. The user will definitely see the long term benefit of this phone but it will take some serious patience and persistence.